Organic Aroma Mist


Nina Bella Collection binges you a new product Organic Aroma Mist - a healthy and affordable alternative to common air fresheners. Instead of heavy chemicals, our organic aroma misters contain only certified organic alcohol, water and certified organic essential oils balanced in a way that is not harmful to your health. Gently balanced with distilled water that does not have heavy minerals, certified organic alcohol to eliminate odor causing germs and certified organic essential oils to add a nice crisp scent that will not irritate respiratory system. Nina Bella Collection Organic Aroma Mist is perfect for home and business use alike. Visit our product page for Organic Aroma Mist or check out our gift baskets for more options.

Organic Aftershave Lotion


Soothe your skin after shaving with our new Nina Bella Collection Organic Aftershave Lotion. Smooth and light, it will soothe and moisturize without leaving greasy film on your skin. Made with certified organic Essential Oils to delicately scent, certified organic alcohol to clean and disinfect, mild organic certified carrier oil to moisturize and de-mineralized water to tie it is a compact, take anywhere user friendly product that will delight you. Try Organic Aftershave Lotion today!

Organic Hand Cream


Smoother and lighter than out body butter Nina Bella Collection new hand cream will be an indispensable addition to your daily routine. Making sure to offer all advantages of rich moisturizing action in lighter formula, we combined organic butters, organic carrier oils, organic alcohol, de-mineralized water and a topped it off with a swirl of certified organic essential rosemary and grapefruit oil to make if fun and fresh. Try our new Organic Hand Cream - you will love it!

Coming Soon! - Organic Spice Bathing Salt


Spice it up with our organic spice bathing salt. Coming soon in spring of 2015 it will make your bath time fun, adventurous and energizing! Visit our home page for update on this upcoming product!